Saturday, June 5, 2010

Faster, Stronger, Better.

Day five was full of ups and downs... as far as the terrain went. There were plenty of long downhill stretches that felt very rewarding after the extremely long and sometimes excruciating climbs that we endured. But we are both feeling much stronger and faster than previous days. Today was a long 100km bike ride through some very breathtaking scenery. The two of us were cycling along side each other when all of the sudden, no more than 15 feet in front of us, an enormous grizzly bear dashed out of the bushes and sprinted across the road. We both stopped and waited a moment before we continued, it was a wild experience. Later on we were climbing a steep hill and spotted a black bear eating dandelions next to us over the railing. We were able to whip out the camera and get some pretty sweet footage of it. It's great because Dave, the fella who is tagging along with the four of us, is a computer hacker and can hack into and RV wireless connection in a matter of minutes making it much easier for us to keep you updated! Tomorrow's journey is going to be approx. 116km (about 10 or 11 hours including stopping to eat from time to time as well as filming) so we'd best hit the sack. Adios for now!

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