Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Bum is Sore!

We would love to tell you that our trip started smoothly but that would be a big fat lie. Pretty much everything that could have went wrong did. Everything from broken bikes to hitch-hiking happened in the first 20 kms. Day 2 started very much the same . More bike problems set us back a couple of hours but once we got past that we were able to travel 100 kms and set up camp around 10:30 pm. Daylight lasts until about 1:00 a.m. so it makes it pretty easy to shoot all hours of the day but has also kept us awake depriving us of sleep. Last night was the first good sleep we had and it was well deserved. the aches and pains of biking will hopefully wear off in the next couple of days.

Yukon is a pretty amazing place. We have seen lots of terrain and even a few bears. We're in grizzly country and are hauling food with us so that is a big concern. So far the backs of garbage bins in campgrounds has been a safe place to stash bags of food. Other than that we have some rope and will have to tie food up in a tree. We have a few hundred kms to go before we get to our day off destination in Watson Lake. After that its the Rocky Mountains in Northern BC. Gonna be a crazy month. Stay tuned..........

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